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Old Faithful Gets What She Deserves—Disasembly Begins

The disassembly of Old Faithful has begun in preparation for a frame-up restoration. She is down to a rolling frame and motor now.


An important part of this process is photographing the bike as it gets lighter and lighter. You'll think that remembering where everything goes when you start to put her back together is easy enough, but trust me, you don't want to be scratching your head thinking, "Did the wiring harness runn on the inside or outside of the top frame tube?" when it comes time to put it all together again. A few pictures can help you remember cable and harness routing and where important ground wires connected.


The shelves are starting to fill up now as the 350 gets lighter and lighter. I bought this cheap plastic shelving so I would have a dedicated spot for all the bits and pieces so they won't get scattered around the garage.










During dismantling, it became obvsious that some of the parts needed sandblasting and repainting or rechroming, and thayt some of the wiring connectors adnd grommets will need to be replaced.

Next up, engine removal, followed by wheels and fork, and wiring harness. With a bare frame left, I will remove the swingarm and get ready for repair and repainting, or powdercoating, of the frame.


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