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Coming soon! Graham Field's Eureka [Ureka in the UK edition] (In Adventure Bike TV's "Top Ten Adventure Travel Books") and Different Natures are on the way in paperback for the first time in North America. Also coming is Paul van Hoof's Man in the Saddle about a trip on an old Moto Guzzi from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego with some interesting twists and Chasing America from Tracy Farr for the first time in print.

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Chilli, Skulls & Tequila
Notes from Baja California

ISBN-13 9781890623579, $21.95, 354 Pages, Softcover



Join Zoë Cano once more, this time on a romp through Baja California discovering new and unique places, travelling on four wheels on this trip but that makes it no less an adventure!


Zoë has won a wide and devoted audience with her first two books on adventure across the United States coast to coast (Bonneville Go or Bust) and her ride of discovery throughout the South through Alabama, Georgia, and Florida (Southern Escapades). In this tale Zoë describes her journey wandering around this surprising land of Baja, that's so different from mainland Mexico, in her own unique way. In Chilli, Skulls & Tequila she weaves the story of her trip, the places she stays, stories from the past, and even recipes she discovers along the way, into an entertaining and engaging story.


Look for Chilli, Skulls & Tequila by the end of July 2017. It will be available here from Road Dog, at Amazon, and virtually any bookseller in North America and the UK. Kindle and Nook versions will follow the printed book as well. If you're really lucky, you may be able to snag a signed copy at one of the thirty shows Zoë attends around the UK each year.

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NEW! For the first time in print in North America!

With a Foreword by Ted Simon; Author Biography by Sam Manicom

In Search of Greener Grass
Riding from Reality towards Dreams and Finding Fulfilment

ISBN-13 9781890623555, $25.99, 390 Pages, Softcover

“Well, now I’m committed,” he thought to himself after telling a national TV game show audience that he wanted to ride a motorcycle to Mongolia with his winnings.  He felt the fear that commitment always induced in him; he was hoping they might have edited that bit out. Commitments are something he tried to get as far away from as possible, the only other constants in his life being twenty-five years of financial prudence, travel and motorcycle obsession.


So there he was, committed to going very, very far on a motorcycle with his meagre prize money. Consequently he spent a winter on eBay and a spring in the garage preparing his $1000 KLR 650 for an uncertain life on the road. Armed with a cynical humour, a strong sense of direction, a vague sense of balance, and no sense of proportion, he embarked on a 15,000 mile solo motorcycle ride to see what would break first; bike, body, or budget. Leaving an indifferent existence in England behind he headed east, looking for purpose, a new life, and a new location to live it. He was in search of greener grass.

Northeast by Northwest
Two Restorative Journeys

ISBN-13 9781890623517, $21.99, 340 Pages, Softcover

The story of a journey is not always just about the journey.


Sometimes what prompts a ride is part of the story. These two journeys were responses to a black wall of stress and depression that threatened to overwhelm the author. The first ride (Northeast) became a journey that reawakened faith in humanity and restored a balanced view of the world that had been slipping away, and the second (Northwest) was a preventative measure to fend off a return to that darkness and retain the progress made by the first.


This ride across the North American continent revealed the overwhelming beauty of the natural world and the goodness of people along the way. Stress may return, but the great wide world is always out there, waiting to restore and reaffirm the value of life in it for anyone who takes up the challenge of experiencing it.

10% of the net proceeds from this book will benefit the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.


The DPSA is a group offering peer-led help for those suffering from depression or bipolar disorder, regardless of income. They are a four star charity listed by with a rating of 94.46. More information about this charity can be found at the DPSA website at

Asphalt & Dirt
Life on Two Wheels

ISBN-13 9781890623531, $25.99, 376 Pages, Softcover

For the past three years Aaron Heinrich has interviewed over fifty motorcyclists for his popular web magazine,, dispelling the myth of the stereotypical “biker.” As these stories reveal, there is no one definition of what a motorcyclist is and that any description is as varied as the riders who make up the motorcycling community—no two are alike, other than their shared love of two wheels.


Here are the stories of motorcyclists that run the gamut of the motorcycling world, from well-known and famous to unknown and obscure, from builders and tinkerers to racers and tourers. Here are world travelling adventurers and local riders, collectors and icons in the industry, motorcycle clubs to lone riders. Some are single, others are fathers or mothers, and still others are grandparents, and their passion covers from vintage days to modern times.

Their stories are meant to inspire, amuse and shed some light on this world, and dispel society’s myopic stereotype of what it ultimately means to be a biker.


Forbes has noticed Asphalt & Dirt!

Click here to read the review. 

A Short Ride in the Jungle
The Ho Chi Minh Trail by Motorcycle

ISBN-13 97818906234487, $23.99, 381 Pages, Softcover

This is not only the thrilling tale of a daring adventure on an aging motorcycle; it is also the story of Southeast Asia’s legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail, and of a war, the effects of which can still be seen across the region and in the hearts of not only its people but of the many Americans whose lives were touched forever by it.


Follow Antonia as she retraces the footsteps and tank tracks of this famous supply line through the mountains and jungles of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Alone on a diminutive pink motorcycle, she encounters bomb craters, unexploded ordnance, mud, mountains, jungle, disappointment, and triumph—and almost without fail, cheerful and generous people along her path.


Truly wonderful…a book after my own heart.—Ted Simon, author of Jupiter's Travels & Dreaming of Jupiter


Ants has pulled off not only a demanding and original adventure but a great read too. A Short Ride in the Jungle informs and entertqains in just the right measures, taking the reader on an action packed journey through Southeast Asia's trails and jungles, as well its equally torrid history.

—Lois Pryce, author of Lois on the Loose and Red Tape and White Knuckles 


Fantastic—Overland Magazine


A Jaw-dropping adventure, part travelogue, part thriller…an adrenaline-fuelled, fascinating ride.

Cosmopolitan Magazine



Southern Escapades
On the Roads Less Travelled

ISBN-13 9781890623494, $20.99, 240 Pages, Softcover

A classic road trip with a difference. As an encore to her recent cross-country ride, Zoë calls on her loyal road dog friend to join her for part of a 2000 mile odyssey on two British retro motorbikes.

Zig-zagging along the tropical Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coast in Florida, through the forgotten back roads of the Florida Panhandle, Alabama and Georgia, this adventure uncovers the many hidden gems of lesser known places in these beautiful Southern states and introduces the reader to the extraordinary people she encounters along the way.


From areas of extreme wealth to dire poverty, music venues lost in time and near-misses on the road, these eclectic stories will make you shiver, cry and laugh out loud.


Her curiosity for getting under the skin of America brings out a fresh
new perspective for any sort of traveller.



“Zoë is once again out on ‘the roads less travelled’—in the Deep South.
It’s like riding on the back of the bike with her with the wind in your hair, exploring this amazing country”



Beads in the Headlight

ISBN-13 9781890623470, $25.99, 414 Pages, Softcover

A young couple resign from their jobs in the midst of a recession to embark on an epic road trip with their life savings, a tent, and very few plans in tow.



Beads in the Headlight tells the tale of their quest for adventure through the American continent on a BMW R100RS motorcycle that is older than both of them.



Wild animals, brutal climates, mechanical troubles, kind strangers, magnificent landscapes, and ocean crossings fill 31,254 life affirming miles in this inspiring and heart warming account.

A great blend of travel, motorcycling, determination, and humor.

5 Star Amazon Review—Dee


Thoughts on the Road

ISBN-13 9781890623456, $21.99, 302 Pages, Softcover

The author had dreams of owning a motorcycle since he was twelve, but that dream wouldn’t become a reality until he was in his fifties. Then, out of the blue, a lucky find catapulted him into the world of bikes and riding. As if to make up for lost time, he logged well over sixty thousand miles in the saddle in the few years since climbing aboard that first bike and has immersed himself in everything having to do with motorcycling. His love of bikes and riding, combined with his experience in publishing, resulted in the creation of this imprint, Road Dog Publications, and his editorship of Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Magazine.


This is a collection of stories resulting from that journey the author started when he first sighted a CB350 under a pile of junk in the dusty back corner of a storage bay. That non-functioning, old Honda required him to pick up the needed mechanical skills to get it back in running shape and to maintain it and the other motorcycles in his garage he eventually acquired. These stories make up the first part of this book—Wrenching. Of course, once he had a bike in riding condition, the next logical thing was to ride. Stories about those road trips comprise the second section—Riding. The last section—Reflecting—is a natural product of this journey and are his thoughts on the significance and nature of riding motorcycles as he’s experienced it. 

Bonneville Go or Bust

ISBN-13-9781890623432, $25.99, 466 Pages, Softcover

In life we all have dreams. But do we ever attempt to make them happen?


A true story with a difference. She had nothing. No money. No time. No motorbike. No experience for such a mammoth trip. But she did have a clear vision. So with gritted determination, she goes all out to make her dream come true: to travel solo and unassisted across the lesser-known roads of the North American continent, starting in Boston and covering more than 8,000 km on a classic Triumph Bonneville.


That summer of 2012 across America would go down in the record books as being the hottest and driest in living memory. The heat was now on, in more ways than one, to go out and succeed.


From the outset to the end of this escapade, it’s always going to be a question of “Go or Bust” on whether she’ll ever succeed or even finish the journey with the most unexpected obstacles, dangers, and surprises that come her way. Her wry sense of humour helps, without doubt, get her out of some of anyone’s worst case scenarios.  Her unique experiences along the way, from riding across the plains with cowboys and singing in Nashville to meeting people with their own amazing stories and seeing the most eclectic and beautiful landscapes, more than compensates.


An inspiring and motivational story written with passion to succeed against all odds, a true life lesson in believing in yourself—there is no such thing as dreaming too big. 


So let the adventure begin!


"If you ever dreamed of riding across America, then we highly recommend you pick up a copy of Bonneville Go or Bust by Zoë Cano. You'll love it!."

—The Lost Adventure motorcycle adventure travel blog


"This is a marvellous book. I hope we will see more from Zoë Cano; a talented author."

—Sam Manicom, author of Into Africa, Under Asian Skies, Distant Suns, & Tortillas to Totems

If you ever dreamed of riding across America, then we highly recommend you pick up a copy of Bonneville Go or Bust by Zoë Cano. You'll love it!.

The Lost Adventure motorcycle adventure travel blog


This is a marvellous book. I hope we will see more from Zoë Cano; a talented author..

Sam Manicom, author of Into Africa, Under Asian Skies, Distant Suns, & Tortillas to Totems

A Tale of Two Dusters & Other Stories

ISBN-13-9781890623401, $20.99, 278 Pages, Softcover

In this collection of stories, Kirk Swanick, also known as “Captain Kirk” to his Internet forum friends, tells the story of growing up a gear head behind both the

wheels of muscle cars and the handlebars of motorcycles.


It was the ’70s and Kirk was enamored by all things mechanical, not the least

of which were his beloved Dusters. In “A Tale of Two Dusters,” join Kirk and his colorful sidekicks as he navigates the ups and downs of wrenching and wrecking hot rods, going to school, and growing up on the back of a scrambler. Those of us who grew up in the 1970s culture of muscle cars and motorcycles will relate to the episodes of moto-craziness and find it hard not to grin at the mostly harmless hooliganism of the era.


The second half of this book is filled with colorful stories inspired by riding and

wrenching those fun-filled hot rods of the two-wheeled variety. In these stories, Kirk not only relates his experience with the mechanical challenges of motorcycles, but also describes the great rewards granted to those who are lucky enough to ride them.

The Elemental Motorcyclist

ISBN-13-9781890623388, $20.99, 285 Pages, Softcover

In this, his second book, Brent Allen offers motorcycling reflections, with riding tips and advice, in a conversational tone, often using amusing anecdotes and observations to illustrate his message. These are not hard-and-fast rules for riding,

but instead are gentle suggestions for riders to consider as they grow in their riding experience.


Brent is an experienced motorcycle riding instructor and well-known in the online motorcycling community, where he is known as “Captain Crash.” His series of instructional videos titled “Howzit Done?” and “Road Work” have been viewed over a million times on YouTube and have helped countless riders embark on their riding careers safely.

Motorcycles, Life, and…

ISBN-13-9781890623364, $19.99, 220 Pages, Softcover

Well-known for his “Howzit Done?” motorcycling technique videos, Brent “Captain

Crash” Allen muses on life and motorcycles, and how they affect each other.


Brent draws often amusing analogies from life that also apply to the art and science of managing a motorcycle. They lead the reader toward a better understanding of what it takes to be in control of their often demanding two-wheeled machines. But you don’t have to be a motorcycle rider to benefit from these stories. It turns out that, like those life experiences that can benefit the rider, the lessons learned in riding can often lend a hand in life.