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Day Two and Three of the Second Kickstart Classic

Most of the bikes that participated in the Second Motorcycle Kickstart Classic on the Blue Ridge Parkway


OK, so I got lazy yesterday, but I was exhausted after finally arriving at Maggie Valley's Wheels Through Time Museum on the second day. We pitched the tent by the stream and had dinner all together in front of the museum. After that and a couple beers, pulling out the laptop and bloggin' was the last thing on my mind. We fell asleep to the sound of the stream next to the tent where we had a nice grassy spot for the tent--quite a contrast to sleeping on gravel the night before without a sleeping pad. The temps were cool and I fell asleep as soon as my hid hit the "pillow" (which was actually a sweatshirt and my riding jacket rolled up).

We got up early today and walked a half mile to the Holiday Diner for a nice breakfast with the rest of the riders. Back to camp for a quick breaking of camp and we were on the road again. The route took us back up to the western end of the Blue Ridge Parkway, which Roger and I had traversed the day before, but we were not complaining; the parkway is a beautiful ride with plenty of butt pucker curves to keep you awake. We took the parkway all the way east to Julian Price Park, almost to US 241, where an escort was waiting for us. We had all the intersections secured by the local HOG chapter and the police and we rode into Wilkesboro to the Crossroads Harley Davidson without having to stop--red lights be damned!. Crossroads had dinner prepared for us when we arrived after which we headed to our hotel where I am typing this now.

The odometer on the Honda was at 21266 when we left and now is at about 22200, making a total run so far of about 934 miles. "Old Faithful" ran perfectly, but Roger had battery problems along the way and he had to get a new one installed and played catch up at the end of the day, arriving at Crossroads about an hour later.

Some panheads and my out-of-place little old Honda CB350 parked on the Blue Ridge Parkway


And Some Shovelheads


If ya'll watch American Pickers, you'll recognize this car made from an airplane belly tank and an inline four Indian motor. Frank and Mike picked it up and sent it to Wheels Through Time to see if Dale and Matt Walksler could get it running, but when they did they could not part wiht it so they bought is and it is now part o fthe museum's collection. Matt fired it up for us when we were there.


Tomorrow on to Denton. I'll try to report in again then.


Road Dog

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