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Second Motorcycle Kickstart Classic Ride

Day One

The thing about the Kickstart Classic rides, is getting there is by far the biggest accomplishment. My co-conspirator in the ride came by on Monday to stay the night so we could leave from Lake Wales about 4 am in order to make it to our first stop with time to spare. His wife, Marlene, joined us for, a low country boil, along with some lobster thrown in for good measure on the night before departure.


Roger, a friend of mine from, and I arrrived about 4pm at Mistletoe State Park in Georgia, just west of the crossing into South Carolina via the Strom Thurmond Dam. Both bikes ran great, although I think Old Faithful is complianing more than usual; nothing serious; she is perfomring flawlessly, but those valves are clacking.

Weather is good and we don't expect rain, so we opted for lean-tos instead of messing with a tent.


And you can't complain about the view,with the South Carolina hills on the far side of the lake.


We had gotten up before 3:30 this morning so we are dead dog tired after about 450 miles of riding. We picked up some sandwiches and beer and made quick work of dinner. Going to call it an early night and hit it again in the morning. By afternoon, we should be on the Blue Ridge Parkway en route to Maggie Valley.


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