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CB350 Top End Rebuild, Continued

Today I went out to try and find that missing pin from the cam chain guide. It was imperative that it is found, or I would have to open the engine cases to find it. First I poured the used oil from the engine through a screen, in hopes that the pin had come out when I drained the motor. No luck. Next I tried peering down into the engine case, but could see nothing. I rolled the motor onto its side and could hear something in there. I pulled the oil plug and lo and behold, there the pin was in the recess of the back side of the plug! What a relief.

The offending pin is found!


I turned my attention to flattening the cam case. I used a granite counter sink cutout as a plate and used s sheet of 1000 grit wet and dry and drug the case back and forth until it was nice and clean and flat.

Here's the flattening rig. Not pretty but it works.


And the results on the cam case top. The other side is similarly done.


Next, I continued scraping carbon. I first worked on one of the piston heads. One down, one to go.


For a change of pace I cleaned up the combustion chambers on the heads. You can see circled the place where the cam chain guide pin did some damage. I flattened those areas out first with a fine flat file.

Slow, careful work with a dental tool.


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