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Day Two at Barber Motorsports Park

Dale Walksler Takes Second in the Race of the Century


OK, I admit it; I even disappointed myself today. I had meant to hit some of the great road in the area, instead of spend the entire day in thepark, but there is just so much darn stuff to do and see. I never got out except for a quick lunch and to pick up a can of chain lube, which Old Faithful really was needing.

That doesn't mean I did not have a great day, though. I caught the Race of the Century for bikes one hundred years or older. My favorite, Dale Walksler from Wheels Through Time took second.

Then I trapsed over the the offroad course, miles it seemed away, to catch some pictures for my son. I arrived there a few minutes late and missed all the action. That was a bit after one and the next race (vintage cross country) was at three, so off I went in search of souvenirs for the kids.

Returning to the cross country area I got smart and hopped on my bike for the ride over. This time I was not dissapointed and got some up close action shots.

The Cross Country Start




Luis and Deb from H-E-L USA provided bread, salami and chips for dinner, so I just stayed put rather than running out for restaurant food. The sun has set and the partying in the adjacent sites has begun. Soon I will be hitting the sack so I can be up early to pack up for departure tomorrow.

Tomorrow night will find me at Julies Boland's, a good high school friend who found herself teaching and running the gallery at Valdosta State University. Power is low on everything but tomorrow night I will be able to recharge and get out another report.


Road Dog

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