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Final Prep and Packing

I just finished final prepping and packing of Old Faithful, my little CB350. The challenge was to get all that stuff in the foreground onboard with room left over for me to sit and move, at least a little. Laying the stuff out I weighed it (in pounds): netbook 3.5, sleeping bag 4, tent 7, clothing 8.5, toiletries 1.5, rain gear 3, sample books 3, tools 10, oil 1.5, evaporative vest bungees and misc 1=45.5 lbs total. Not bad, less than carrying my ten year-old on back. But much of the stuff is bulky. Those are some tiny saddle bags and don't hold much. I started thinning.

BeforePacking (1).jpg

I left any mutiples of tools I had, such as stuff already in the stock tool kit, left a pair of jeans, some socks, underwear, and a sweatshirt behind, removed some of the toiletries, took the handlebar bag off (interfered with the tank bag when full), and left the Kindle. I think I must have shaved about 5-10 lbs off by distilling, putting me at 35 to 40 lbs roughly.

Here's the CB all loaded and ready to go.

AfterPacking (1).jpg

I waxed the chain and checked tension. Checked and filled the tires to spec. Checked oil and needed none. Backed her into the garage where she will wait for me until 4 am tomorrow morning, when I jump out of bed, throw on my gear, and roll her out to start the first day's ride. Got to get an early sleep tonight.

Hope to report in sometime tomorrow.

Road Dog

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