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Collected columns and essays on motorcycling
A delightful compilation of articles ands essays on all things motorcycle by Ron Davis, writer, columnist, and associate editor for BMW Owners News, the largest magazine for BMW motorcycle owners on the planet.


“A very special collection of motorcycle life experiences and observations. There’s a sweet cadence between these covers you can feel. Each of the stories sparkles like Wisconsin sunshine on a warm summer afternoon and you’ll find yourself reading one after another, and another . . . and then another, sort of like a literary version of the vibrational “sweet spot” a well-tuned bike delivers as it thrums along a smooth two lane country road, happily taking you across mile after wonderful mile. When each of the stories was first published in magazines they all were widely appreciated but (unknown to anyone at the time) something was missing.  Those discrete ingredients have all come together here in a delicious, perfect and honest book about a well-lived motorcycle life.”—Andy Goldfine, founder of Aerostich


“International rider and author Ron Davis writes about life and motorcycles, and why they are sometimes the same.”—Jack Riepe, author of Conversations With A Motorcycle, Motorcycles Speak Louder Than Words, and The Motorcycle Rider’s Diet

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