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This book is about twenty-one days, and sixty years. A motorcycle ride down the spine of Appalachia, with a little banjo and big myth for company, to play and sing at the graves of dead banjo heroes. About making a life about making work. This book is about outsiders. Interlopers. Class migrants. Motorcycles. Myths of all sorts. Death. Decisions. Awakening. Creative Process. Growth through risk-taking. It’s a book about ghosts. Music. Writing. Not writing. What’s this book not about? “Finding myself.” I know who I am.

Steven Sherrill is a high school dropout, a nearly retired professor, a family man, a ne’er-do-well banjo player, a motorcyclist, an aquarist, a sonic/video muckraker, and a novelist with five books in the world, one of which (The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break) is a cult classic.

Motorcycles, Minotaurs, & Banjos

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