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The British Isles, encompassing thousands of islands both big and small, are like sparkling rough-cut gems sprinkled into the North Atlantic. Discovering their diverse and jaw-dropping landscapes are like treasures waiting to be dug up.  

As a wonderful compilation of original short stories closer to home, Zoë Cano captures the very essence of Britain’s natural beauty with eclectic travels she’s taken over the years exploring England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Unsurprisingly, these journeys turn into mini adventures that include motorcycling around the legendary Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland, slowly exploring Wales on a scooter, living in a little camper van to discover the remote Scottish Highlands and bravely sailing across the English Channel during the total Eclipse of the Sun.

With Zoë’s never-ending appetite for experiencing new places, and always up for a challenge, these tales will make you chuckle out loud but also flood your roaming imagination. 

Mini Escapades around the British Isles

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