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Hellbent for Paradise is the inspiring—and often nail biting—tale of Zoë Cano’s exploits roaming the jaw-dropping natural wonders of Aotearoa New Zealand on a mission to find her own paradise.

From the outset of this 5,000 kilometre road trip odyssey, this free-spirited motorcycle traveller is pushed to her limits as a series of catastrophic cyclones come crashing through New Zealand.

Along the way, Zoë encounters colourful people from all walks of life, including artists and musicians, sheep farmers, Maori fishermen, a healer, stargazers, fellow travellers, and even motorcycle gangs who’ll all open her eyes and introduce her to the raw underbelly of the country.

But the journey doesn’t quite turn out as she’d planned and extreme measures are needed to complete—and even survive—the Land of the Long White Cloud!

Hellbent for Paradise

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