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Graham Field heads east to Kazakhstan (with a side trip to Iraq) but isn't feeling it. He has a eureka! moment and turns round, finding his way back to Eastern Europe where his heart was leading him.


  • Who tries to ride deep into Iraq just to see if the news reports are accurate, ends up joining a street demonstration against someone else’s government, or sticks their arm between the jaws of a wild mountain wolf-dog?

    After the success of his first book In Search of Greener Grass, Graham Field hits the road again with his bargain-basement KLR650, recording his experiences in his inimitable and revealingly honest diary style. The Caucasus region is often overlooked by travellers, but Graham may inadvertently be about to change all that.

    A single pivotal event can transform any journey, and accepting rather than fighting that moment can have glorious consequences for the traveller. In this instant the result ensures a fantastic exploration of eastern Europe and beyond, the discovery of a hidden gem in Georgia, and meanderings that leave us all much richer.

    Ultimately, Eureka is an almost accidental realization that we cannot control our mood on the road, but merely embracing it can be the most enlightening travel experience of all.
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