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Before Graham Field travelled by motorbike across Europe and Asia, he lived in the States where he got his first tastes of log-distance travel. Here are three stories of three journeys in North America that whet his appetite for more wandering.

Different Natures

  • We all have our journeys to make.

    Because everything is not black and white—Different Natures takes you on three journeys. Each gives an honest and passionate insight into the evolution of a a compulsive traveller. Looking for direction with the wrpng eyes spawned Graham's lust for wandering. The miles cleared his vision and hunger for longer distances grew with an insatiable appetite for new experiences.

    Divulging tales from his diaries spanning a twelve year period of travel from Arctic Circle to Mexico, Graham Field's journeys are his life. Inevitably, these experiences increase his awareness as he passes through various natures of both a reluctant maturity andthe extreme environments between his destination.

    From midnight sun to darkest nights, there is as much diversity in these tales as common threads.

    Taste the addictive exhilaration of inhospitable environments.
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