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A compilation of profiles of both famous and realtively unknown people who ride, dispelling the myth of the stereotypical “biker” image.

Asphalt & Dirt

  • For the past three years Aaron Heinrich has interviewed over fifty motorcyclists for his popular web magazine,, dispelling the myth of the stereotypical “biker.” As these stories reveal, there is no one definition of what a motorcyclist is and that any description is as varied as the riders who make up the motorcycling community—no two are alike, other than their shared love of two wheels.

    Here are the stories of motorcyclists that run the gamut of the motorcycling world, from well-known and famous to unknown and obscure, from builders and tinkerers to racers and tourers. Here are world travelling adventurers and local riders, collectors and icons in the industry, motorcycle clubs to lone riders. Some are single, others are fathers or mothers, and still others are grandparents, and their passion covers from vintage days to modern times.

    Their stories are meant to inspire, amuse and shed some light on this world, and dispel society’s myopic stereotype of what it ultimately means to be a biker.
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