In the works! Chasing America from Tracy Farr for the first time in print. A convuluted journey to the four corners of the US

Jacqui Furneuax's tale, Hit the Road, Jac!, of her 7 year no plan round the world adventure starting in India on a Royal Enfield  

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Man in the Saddle
Translated from the Dutch by Nienke Hartog, Man in het Zadel
ISBN-13 9781890623623, $21.99, 372 Pages, Softcover


Deadhorse to Ushuaia—an epic journey on many long distance riders’ bucket lists. But few would contemplate tackling that ride on a vintage 1975 Moto Guzzi. The author’s choice of motorcycle is as unique as his interactions with the people and history he finds along the way. This is not the typical account of that route across the Americas, but one which is as uncommon as the rider, the Dutch print journalist Paul van Hooff—the Man in the Saddle. 

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The Tom Report

Tom Reuter leaves Washington state with his best friend headed south to the Andes on a pair of Suzuki DR650s.

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Two-Wheeled Wind Therapy Front Cover HQP
From Kathleen Terner
Two-Wheeled Wind Therapy

My Journey Finding Confidence, Joy, and Hope After Surviving Cancer, Divorce, and a Pandemic

ISBN-13 9781890623807, $20.99, 220 Pages, Softcover


The inspiring story of a life-changing adventure…. 

After battling cancer and leaving a failed marriage, Kathleen had many reasons for doubting herself, feeling overwhelmed, and lacking self-confidence. But, instead, she pulled herself up and found a way to reclaim her life and regain the confidence those events had almost ripped from her. She got comfortable riding a bike as the operator, instead of in the passive role of pillion rider, and took off on a prodigious ride of self-discovery, criss-crossing the US on her own motorcycle. Along the way she tested herself with long-distance "Iron Butt" rides and, while visiting many of the country's most beautifully inspiring natural wonders, slowly regained her love of life and adventure, and rediscovered her own inner strength.

This is not a swashbuckling tale of conquering the Andes or crossing the Altacama; there are plenty of books for that. This is the story of Kathleen's inner struggles and how she rose to meet the challenges those inner battles presented to her. An inspiring story that you don't have to be a rider to appreciate.

A wonderful book about taking on a life-changing motorcycle ride. Even if you are not a motorcycle rider, you will relate and will rejoice with Kathleen on this life-growing experience. I encourage everyone to ride along by reading her story.—Jean Davidson, granddaughter of Harley-Davidson's co-founder, Walter Davidson

I experienced swells of joy reading about Kathleen’s triumphant escapades as she explored this great country. Her story of grief, fear, and pain—culminating in courage, freedom, and blessing—is one that can bring light into otherwise dark days to any reader. For those who can’t explore for themselves, Kathleen’s adventures can be experienced in the pages of her book. I could almost feel the wind in my face as I read and was excited to hear descriptions of places I’ve been and places I long to visit.—Nancy Williams, MA, Marriage adnd Family Therapist

A great example of the capacity to overcome adversity. Kathleen’s story really captures her ability to work through life’s challenges, and to face down the self-doubt that creeps up in us all, opening up the door to an incredible, life-changing adventure!!”—Ian Andersen, Founder of @MakeLemonadeTour


Word's Getting Out about Two-Wheeled Wind Therapy! (from Amazon)

An inspirational reading adventure!

Foodies, bikers, travel enthusiasts, and anyone who could use a good dose of inspiration will enjoy Kathleen Terner's account of her solo, eight-week, cross-country trip on a Harley after experiencing two devastating life events. Born from her love of biking and hunger to visit her adult son on the other side of the country, the trip became a journey of self discovery and personal empowerment that uplifts and encourages the reader as well.

I was privileged to watch Kathleen's trip unfold in real time, as she checked in with me each night to verify her safe arrival and reported the day's adventures--from joyful to hair-raising. I was doubly privileged to read later about how profoundly it had changed her life. This book just might change yours for the better too!

A Must Reader whether or not you ride!

Two Wheeled Wind Therapy is a must read for anyone who rides, wants to ride or simply wants to experience life. I could not put the book down and proceeded to read it in two evenings, great distraction from TV and chores! One day I hope to meet and ride with her.

Kathleen drew me into her adventure by the vivid pictures she was painting in my mind on every page. And then I discovered that we had visited and stayed in quite a few of the same places only a year or two prior. So many wonderful memories! I had not thought about some of the touring tips she shared, what a wonderful resource!
Honestly, I have a phobia that has prevented me from enjoying our MC adventures to their fullest. I could never figure out why, until I read the book. Now I need to confront the root of the phobia internally and conquer it. Kathleen’s honesty in discussing her past made me retroflect and understand myself and source of fears.
This is an incredibly beautifully written book and I highly recommend it. I put the book down many times due to the tears of joy clouding my vision. Two Wheeled Wind Therapy grabs you from the first page and does not let you go until the last page. Kathleen writes as a real person and biker, not an author.

A Must Reader for Everyone - bikers or not

This book was not only entertaining, but very inspirational. It is a must read for all women - and men, of course, but especially for women. It was inspiring to read about a woman who survived cancer and an abusive marriage to challenge herself by going on a cross country trip on a motorcycle. That takes a lot of courage! Her writing is superb and you feel as if you are on the trip with her. Loved this book and highly recommend. Definitely follow her - in fact, she's off on another 2 month adventure as I write this. You can read her daily blog on her Facebook page. Go Kathleen.

A must read!

This is a one of the best stories I have ever read! The amazing courage and soul searching that happened on this journey is epic. Kathleen opens up about her personal experiences, relationship traumas, and her battle with cancer. This book is life changing for all riders.


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