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Bonneville Go or Bust


They've arrived! Bonneville Go or Bust by Zoë Cano

In life we all have dreams. But do we ever attempt to make them happen?  

A true story with a difference. She had nothing. No money. No time. No motorbike. No experience for such a mammoth trip. But she did have a clear vision. So with gritted determination, she goes all out to make her dream come true: to travel solo and unassisted across the lesser-known roads of the North American continent, starting in Boston and covering more than 8,000 km on a classic Triumph Bonneville.  


Dual Sporting It on the Bonnie

Yesterday, I set out to see if I could see the solar array down near Arcadia, Florida. This facility Is capable of generating 25 megawatts with an average output of 4.8 megawatts. It is the first commercial photovoltaic array installed in Florida and the largest in the country and is composed of 90,000 photovoltaic panels. I thought it would make for an interesting sight and a handy destination for an outing on the Bonneville.