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Old Faithful Back on the Road & Great North Carolina Rides

We arrived home late Monday night from a great mini-vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The next morning I went out and plugged the Battery Tender back in, and lo and behold, yesterday afternoon I had that welcome green light back. Looks like the old battery still has some life in it after all.

Looks like heavy rain today. Thursday is my do-or-die ride night, so rain or not I will be out and checking out the CB350. Hopefully, I have stopped the oil leak. We will see.

Our trip up to North Carolina was by car this time, but we had a chance to check out a few more roads in the Brevard, NC, area while there. Here's a mini-report:

The View of the River above Sliding Rock


US 276 from US 64 north to the Blue Ridge Parkway—Great ride with overhanging trees and good curves, but with traffic. Check out Looking Glass Falls and Sliding Rock on the way, but go early. after 10:30 the wait in line for Sliding Rock stretches across the creek to the top of the rock, and cars will be lining the side of the road at the falls after this time, too. Pavement is decent, but there are repair patches here and there.

My Daughter and I Take Our Turn Going down Sliding Rock


US 276 from US 64 south—This ride will take you south past Caesar's Head into South Carolina. The ride south from 64 is not too challenging, but once you get to Caesar's Head the fun begins. You empty out on SC11 (The Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway) which is straight, but has great views of the mountains to the north. Stop by Aunt Sue's Country Corner for lunch just west of where 276 joins 11.

US 178 from SC11 north—This is a fun ride all the way up to US 64. Bob's Place is on the way and has a lot of "character."

NC 215—Jog east a little bit from where 178 intersects US 64, then turn north. This is a great ride! This has been recently repaved and it is smooth sailing all the way to the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is a pretty steep descent, so I think it is more fun coming from the south than down from the north (I have ridden south on the bike here). 215 looks good on the map north of the Parkway, but I cannot speak from experience on that section—yet.

NC 281 south from US 64—Great road that takes you to SC 11. Plenty of curves here, this road runs north and south to the west of Lake Jocassee and intersects 11 just west of the turn off 11 to Devils Fork State Park (check this park out for some great camp sites and views).

View Looking North on SC 11, Table Rock


From the intersection of 281 and 11 west the road becomes less interesting, although Abby's Grill has a great, and cheap, breakfast at Tamassee. For the best views, but with straight road head east from here and you will pass Table Rock and Aunt Sue's with great views to the north.


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